How to use flat iron?

How to use flat iron?

How to use a flat iron?

When we want to curl our hair, we need to use a flat iron. But most of our do not know how to use it correctly. This article will show some tips and tricks about how to use a flat iron.

The first thing is to choose the right products.

It’s great to use the styling products to style your hair by a flat iron. But you need to make sure you are choosing the right products. You need to avoid using any products which will let your hair keep styling for a long time or something like glue because those products will affect your stylist style your hair. Instead, choose the products specifically designed to be used with a heat tool. These products will never get sticky and will protect your hair from the heat.

The second thing is your need to protect your hair from heat.

This is very important step, but lots of peoples skip this step. Use a flat iron to curl the hair is great, but we should know, it is also will damage your hair, so it is really important to protect your hair as much as possible.

The third thing does not use a flat iron if your hair is wet.

This is a very important thing, some people maybe think you can use it if your hair is 80% dry, but this is a wrong thing, this will damage your hair, it is a big risk. So if your hair is wet, please do not use it.

The fourth thing is to work in small sections.

You should better work in smaller sections when using a flat iron. If you try to straighten or curl a large section of hair, the style won’t be able to heat all of the hair evenly, it will only heat up the outsides of the section, that means you need restyle other sections which insides of the section.

The last thing is to keep your flat iron clean.

This is also very important because keep your flat iron clean will your hair curl more perfect, you can use alcohol to clean it if it is bundles


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