Something which you’d better not do with your human hair extensions

Something which you’d better not do with your human hair extensions

Something which you’d better not do with your human hair extensions

As we know, we want to keep our human hair extensions always looks very beautiful, that means we need do something to protect our hair and it is something which you should better do not do with our hair extensions. This article will introduce something which you should better do not do with your hair extensions.

The first thing does not bleach the hair extensions by yourself.

Because before you receive the hair extensions, they already are bleached and dyed. If you bleached it by yourself another time, that will make the hair extensions very dry. This will let you hair extensions easier to shedding, and it will reduce your hair extensions’ lifespan. But you can dye your hair to a darker color, that’s okay, do not bleach it to a lighter color.

The second thing does not wash it too often.

Some people like to wash their human hair extensions very often. They will that will keep their extensions very clean, but this is a wrong thing. The hair extensions are different with our natural hair, it does not have oil from your scalp. That means it does not need to be washed too often. It will not help your hair extension become better. The opposite is, it will let your hair extensions become very dry. And your hair will be easy tangle and will reduce the lifespan.

The third thing does not use too much-heated styling tools.

You want to style your hair extensions, that’s okay, but do not put much heat on your hair extensions, because that will let your hair dry and maybe your human hair extensions will shedding, if you want to use heated styling tools, you should better choose a low temperature, if possible, you can use some heat protector.

The fourth thing does not install your human hair extensions by yourself.

You need to find a stylist to help you install your hair extensions, maybe you think you can do it by yourself, but most of the time, it will damage the hair extensions and your own hair, so should find a stylist.

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