Some rules for blonde hair extensions

Some rules for blonde hair extensions

Some rules for blonde hair extensions

We all love blonde hair extensions, which is very beautiful and popular. Especially in the summer season, some clients want some light color hair extensions. Blonde is one of the best choice. But you need very carefully when you choose blonde hair extensions. Because it is easier to get some problems compared with other darker color. But if you can use it correctly, it can makes your looks gorgeous, which is worth to let you choose blonde hair extension. So this article will introduce some rules about blonde hair extensions. Then you can do some right things for the blonde hair and avoid bad thing for blonde hair extensions.

The first thing is do not bleach your hair extensions.

If you want make your hair lighter, please remember only bleach and color your natural hair, do not do that on your hair extensions. because it is already no life, do that on your hair extensions will makes it dry and damage them, then the lifespan will reduce. So please do not do that for your hair extensions, especially for light color hair extensions.

The second thing is try to avoid swimming when you wear hair extensions.

But if you must do that, please protect your hair extensions to avoid mineral discoloration. Chlorine and salt water will damage both your natural hair and hair extensions. So no matter you want swimming on swimming pool or sea water. Both of them will damage your hair, so you should try to do not do that too many times. If you must do, please use cold water and conditioner to saturate your natural hair and hair extensions before swimming. Or you can wear swim cap, it also will protect your hair and hair extensions. Because the chlorine and salt water will make your blonde hair extension change the color, which make it looks terrible.

The third thing is use color correcting shampoo when you wash your hair and hair extensions.

This is also important because when you wash our hair extensions, that will make the hair lose color, so we need try to avoid this or make this process slower, so  use color correcting shampoo is a good ideal.

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