Remy hair and Non-Remy hair, which one is better?

Remy hair and Non-Remy hair, which one is better?

Remy hair and Non-Remy hair, which one is better?

As we all know, hair is very important for every woman, especially for black women. Every woman wants to own a very long and beautiful hair. But there are two kinds of hair in the market, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair. So, this article will introduce which is better for you.

1. At first, we should know what is Remy’s hair, what is non-Remy hair, and what is the difference between them.

  • 1. The human hair is contained Remy hair and non-Remy hair. Remy’s hair is cut from one donor and it cuticle is in the same direction, that makes it no tangle and can use longer time, but meanwhile, it is also expensive than non-Remy human hair.
  • 2. Non-Remy human hair cuticle is not in the same direction, so to make sure it is no tangle, it needs to use acid to process the hair, this is to remove cuticle. After this process, the hair will no tangle, but can not be used as long as Remy’s hair. Generally speaking, non-Remy hair will contain some shedding hair from brushes or floor, and it will have some split ends, that means it will easy tangle and cannot last a very long time. And the human Remy hair looks healthier and more natural.

2. So, Remy or non-Remy hair, which is better?, The answer is obvious.

Remy human hair is definitely better than non-Remy human hair. Remy’s hair is healthier, smother compared with non-remy hair. And it also no tangle, can last a long time than non-Remy hair. So if you have enough money, we recommend you choose Remy human hair, I believe you will definitely like it. But that also depends on your budget, if you do not want to spend too much on hair, non-Remy hair may be your best choice. At least it is still 100% human hair, which will better than synthetic hair.

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