Some mistakes about treat your hair

Some mistakes about treat your hair

Some mistakes about treating your hair

When you do something to your hair, maybe it is wrong, that will damage your hair. Here are some tips about treating your hair, that will make your hair last a longer time.

  1. Do not bleach, dye and curl your hair too frequently. That will damage your hair and, especially when you dye it to light color or put much heat on it. Because the hair is already cut from the head, it is already no life. If you over process it, the hair will be very dry and easy shedding and tangle.
  2. Do not wear the hair to swim in the sea. Because the seawater has many salts, that will make your hair lose water when you swimming. The hair cannot absorb water after it is cut, so that will make your hair very dye, and it will look horrible. So, to protect your hair, do not wear it to swim.
  3. Do not wash your hair too frequently. When you wash the hair, in fact, you are using chemical on it. So if you wash it too often, that will damage the hair and makes it shedding. Generally speaking, 2-3 weeks wash hair one time is suitable. If you do not use it frequently, 1-2 months is also okay. And when you wash it, you would better use warm water, not hot water, too much heat will damage the hair. And before you wash it, you can comb it at first, then the hair will no shedding. Remember to use a good shampoo, that will make your hair last a long time, if your hair is dry, you can also put some oil on it, that will make it better.
  4. Do not comb the hair when it still wet. Because if you comb the hair when it still wet, that will change the hair pattern. Like if your hair is body wave when you comb it when it wet, the hair will look like wavy. But you need comb it when you use it, that will decrease shedding and tangle. I think you already learned how to treat your hair from this article. Hope you have fabulous hair.
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