How to maintain your hair weft?

How to maintain your hair weft?

How to maintain your hair weft?

You will feel quite good when you wear the hair weft. The hair weft will make you have more confidence and bring you more opportunities. But if you want your hair last longer, proper care is necessary. This article will introduce some method to maintain your hair weft:

  1. Choosing proper shampoo and conditioner to care your hair weft
  2. Caring your hair in the morning
  3. How to comb or brush your hair is very important
  4. Do not expose your hair weft to strong wind
  5. Caring your hair when you swim

The first thing is to choose the proper shampoo and conditioner, which is one of the most important things. Make sure they are sulfate-free because sulfate will damage your hair. Good shampoo and conditioner will let your hair last longer and looks gorgeous all the time.

The second thing is you can care your hair every morning. That also depends on the texture of your hair. If your hair is curly or deep wave, you just need use fingers through your hair, please very gentle to avoid shedding. If your hair is straight, you should better use a width-tooth brush your comb your hair.

The third thing is you should brush your hair every day, and the technique which you use is very important. Make sure secure your hair at the root when you brush your hair, that will help you avoid shedding.

The fourth thing does not expose your hair weft to strong wind. Normal wind is okay, but a strong wind will make your hair weft easy to lose. Like when you drive a motorcycle, you should use a scarf to secure your hair.

The last thing is you should very care your hair and hair weft if you want to swim. Swimming is excellent sport, but it will damage your hair. Because the swimming pool water contains chlorine, which will damage your hair, please make sure wear swimming cap. If you swim in the ocean, you also should wear swimming cap, because the high salinity will make your hair dryness. And remember to wash your hair with fresh water immediately after swimming.

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