Why human hair extensions are so expensive?

Why human hair extensions are so expensive?

Why human hair extensions are so expensive?

Lots of clients complain about the human hair extensions are too expensive. They think it is crazy to spend $200 or $300 to buy hair extensions. In this article, we will introduce why the human hair extensions are so expensive:

The first reason is it is very convenience.

Provide convenience is not free. It can help you save lots of time. Hair extensions can help you save time to do other things, like work, play with your friends or your family. You can use those time to earn more money. You can choose any style or color which you want, you do not need to curl it every day.

The second reason is the hair extensions is more and more similar to our own hair.

You do not know who wear the human hair extensions when you walk on the street.

The third reason is the process of produce hair is very complex.

From collect raw material to finished product, which needs lots of process and people to produce it. Not all of the raw material is good quality hair, they must choose good quality hair from the raw material then produce. That needs lots of people, and some raw material will waste. So you should understand why the hair extensions are so expensive.

The fourth reason is not every hair extensions is from factory.

Compared with manufacturer, most of the suppliers are dealers. They have to make some profit as well. To make sure their clients will continue to buy from them, they need to find the best hair in the market. Generally speaking, the big dealer will visit some factories that in different countries. They need to spend a lot on research. After research, they also need to spend lots of money and time to market human hair extensions to the world. Everyone deserves to get their coins.

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