How to take care of long hair extensions

How to take care of long hair extensions

How to take care of long hair extensions

Long hair needs daily maintenance
You may not have to make a fuss about your long hair during the day, but you still need reasonable maintenance to maintain a beautiful style.
You need to create and stick to a program that keeps you extended for a long time in your style. Keep in mind that the way you handle extensions can affect your natural hair.
You should do something to take care of your hair extensions:

The first tip is to use the right hair brush

A right brush is already your hair best friend. Especially when you have a long hair extensions, which is more important. A right brush can help your hair more smooth and to minimize any breakage. So you need to choose a suitable brush for yourself, both boar bristle brush or wet brush is a good choice. Remember, you need to brush the hair and hair extensions every day. When you wake up, you should brush them. Before you go to bed, you also should do that. That will help to keep your hair smooth and silky.

The second tip is to use deeply hydrating treatment twice a week

If you already style your hair with heat tools, deeply hydrating treatment is a very important thing. If you do not that, your hair and hair extensions will be very dry and easy to tangle, especially for longer length hair. You can put some oil on your hair, which will also protect your hair.

The third thing is to use a heat protectant

As we all know, heat is one of the biggest enemies of the hair, but if you want to style your hair with heat tools, you should use a heat protectant before you do that. Which is very important, please do not forget to do that.

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