How to bring Brazilian double weft hair extensions back to life

How to bring Brazilian double weft hair extensions back to life

How to bring Brazilian double weft hair extensions back to life

Brazilian double weft hair extensions, after proper care and handling, should ideally last for more than 6 months to observe any brittleness or tangles. However, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, bad weather or your stylist make some mistake will ruin it. So this article will introduce some methods which can help you revive your double weft hair extensions.

Apple cider vinegar bath for Brazilian virgin hair

For centuries, people have known that vinegar makes hair look shiny and silky. Dilute the vinegar in warm water, soak the hair for 10 minutes, then drain the solution. The more greasy your hair, the more vinegar you use. The more curled your hair, the more vinegar you add by color treatment or perming.

Air dry Brazilian

If your Brazilian hair is woven by hot straightening and curling tools, change your air drying method. This is a very low maintenance program. All you have to do is wet your hair first. Using a microfiber towel, pat the hair and squeeze until the drip is stopped. Apply a styling cream to the material and apply some moisturizing serum to the ends to reduce dryness and damage. Twist the hair to define the wave and use the clip at the end of the screw to keep the wave rising. The hair will dry as the way you leave it.

Some things you should do and shouldn’t do for Brazilian double weft hair extensions.

Once your Brazilians are woven and rejuvenated, keep the following tips in mind for a long-lasting healthy and elastic weave.

Minimize the use of heat treatment. Use only professionally certified care solutions to bleach or stain your hair.

If you are challenged to install a braid on your hair, always seek professional attention for you. The more you struggle, the more likely you are to damage your hair.

When combing and combing, always start at the bottom, just like your hair.

When purchasing shampoo, check the ingredients to make sure they are free of sulfate.

If your hair is itchy, avoid scratching your hands. Instead, get a scalp pacifier for quick relief.

Minimize the use of oil as it can cause tangles and matting.

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