How to extend the life of your hair extensions?

How to extend the life of your hair extensions?

How to extend the life of your hair extensions?

After we install the hair extensions, we always hope if can last as long as possible. Because sometimes it will cost hundreds of dollar, we do not want only use it for 1 or 2 months. So, this article will introduce some tips about how to extend the life of hair extensions. This article including:

  1. Daily care.
  2. How to wash your hair extensions?
  3. What you should do when you style your hair extensions?
  4. How to condition and shampoo your hair?
  5. Most choose proper hair care products.

The first and one of the most important things is daily care. This is the first step and you should care for your hair every day. Please detangle your hair extensions with your finger every day before you style your hair. Please must treat your hair gently and softly. If you can use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair, that will be better. And remember must brush the hair from top to the ends, this can avoid tangle.

The second tip is about how to wash your hair. Remember must be very gentle when you wash your hair, it not like your own hair, you should take more care about your hair extensions. You should wash it regularly, but not too often. Because your hair extensions will get some natural oil from your scalp.

The third tip is you should care your hair when you style it, remember to use some heat to protect products before you use some hot tools to style your hair. Heat will damage your hair, especially for high temperature, that will make your hair dryness and frizz. Which will reduce the lifespan of your hair?

The fourth tip is conditioned your hair first, then shampoo it. Some people like shampoo the hair directly, but this is wrong thing. You should condition the hair, then shampoo it, that will extend the life of the hair.

The last tip is you should choose the proper care products for your hair. Good care products are very important for your hair, some bad care products will damage your hair, I believe you must do not want to waste hundreds of dollar just because use bad care products.

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