What is the difference between Single drawn and double drawn hair weft?

What is the difference between Single drawn and double drawn hair weft?

What is the difference between Single drawn and double drawn hair weft?

When we talk about hair weft, we always heard of double drawn hair extensions. But how about the difference between double drawn and single drawn? This article will introduce double drawn and single drawn, and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

At first, let us talk about single drawn.

For single drawn hair weft, it will contain about 50% full-length hair and 50% different length hair. For example, if we buy an 18” single drawn hair extensions, it will about 50% 18” hair strands, and about 50% 14” and 16” hair strands. This means the top of the hair extensions will thicker than the ends of the hair weft.

It has some advantages, the first is it is cheaper than double drawn hair extensions. The second is if you want your hair looks more natural, the single drawn maybe the better choice. Because it just likes our own hair. It will have some short hair and long hair when our hair grew, it will also have some long hair and some short hair. And if you want the ends thicker, you can just cut some inches, then it will be double drawn hair. But if you want the hair looks thicker and glamorous, you should better choose double drawn. Otherwise, you need to cut some length to makes it looks glamorous.

Then let us talk about double drawn hair extensions.

Double drawn means the most of short hair has been removed, 70%-80% hair strands will have full length. Which means it is almost the same thickness from top to ends. Which means the ends are thicker compared with single drawn hair extensions.

The double drawn hair extensions have its own advantages, which is it has full ends, that means the hair extensions will look glamour. And because it has full ends, so it will make your hair looks fuller, so you can purchase less compared with single drawn, that means the weight is also lighter and makes you feel more comfortable. But it also more expensive compared with single drawn.

So you can make a choice when you want to buy hair extensions, you can choose single drawn or double drawn, that depends on your demand.

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