What is the difference between closure and frontal?

What is the difference between closure and frontal?

What is the difference between closure and frontal?

When you buy three bundles, you maybe also need a frontal or a closure. But what is the difference between them? The article will introduce some difference between closure and frontal, then you can make a choice depending on your demand.

As we know, for the closure, It has two types, which is lace closure and silk base closure. For lace closure, generally speaking, the lace on the lace closure is Swiss lace, but there is already have transparent lace on the market, and the second is silk base closure. The biggest difference between closure and frontal is the size.

As we know, frontal will bigger than closure. The most popular closure in the market is 4*4 lace closure, but also have 4*5, 5*5 and so on. The most popular frontal in the market is 13*4 lace frontal, also have people like larger one, like 13*5 or 13*6. The frontal is gone from ear to ear, so the entire front is covered. But for closure, generally speaking, it is a temple to temple, so it has a smaller size compared with frontal. So that means Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option that closure doesn’t, frontal allow you to wear pulled back hairstyles.

So if you want to pull your hair back, you should better choose lace frontal. If you want your hair looks natural, the closure may be the better choice. This depends on your choice. And it also has a very important difference, which is compared with closure, frontal is more expensive because it is larger and heavier. Some people maybe think the frontalis too expensive, this is right, but you also should know, it will let you look better, so this is a good investment. To let you look beautiful and have more confidence. So, if you ask me If you ask me if it is worth so much, I will say “yes”. Trust me, this will be one of the best investments in your life, it will change you a lot.

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