The most common aftercare mistakes about virgin hair

The most common aftercare mistakes about virgin hair

The most common aftercare mistakes about virgin hair

We always tell our clients to aftercare the virgin hair extensions as their own natural hair. However still have some clients do not know how to aftercare their virgin hair. So, this article will introduce some common aftercare mistakes to help you avoid them:

  1. Sleeping when the hair still wet
  2. Conditioning your scalp
  3. Brushing your hair too rough
  4. Put too much heat on your hair
  5. Using wrong aftercare products

The first thing is sleep when your hair still wet. This is a very common mistake, and it will decrease the life of your virgin hair. It will cause the virgin hair extensions and your natural hair tangle together, this is very painful for you. To avoid this, you should make sure your hair is fully dried before you go to sleep. Then when you wake up, the hair will tangle free.

The second thing is some clients will condition their scalp, this is the totally wrong thing. You only need condition your hair from the mid-length to the ends. Do not condition your scalp, that will make your virgin hair easy to fall out.

The third thing is some customers will brush their hair too rough. Some people like brush the hair from the top to the ends, this is mistake. You should hold your hair through one hand, they use another hand brush the hair, and must very gentle to do that. And also remember do that every morning, that will increase the life of your hair.

The fourth thing is some people like style their hair every day and put too much heat on the hair. This will damage the hair a lot. Heat is one of the biggest enemies of the hair. So you should put as less heat as possible on your hair. If you really need put heat on your hair, don’t forget use some heat protection product.

The last thing is some people choose the wrong or bad quality aftercare products. Aftercare products are one of the most key parts of keeping the virgin hair looks good and use for as long as possible. The virgin hair extensions are expensive, so please don’t choose some bad quality products to save the money.

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