How to avoid the hair extensions shedding?

How to avoid the hair extensions shedding?

How to avoid the hair extensions shedding?

Shedding is common thing for our own hair and hair extensions. But there is some methods which can let me your hair shedding less.

If you want stop shedding, you should know how to make a hair extensions at first. The hair runs through a machine weft that brings the hair together to form a straight, tied bundle. So the hair bundle is easy to shedding, because they are made of human hair, and they are not tight enough to the weft.

But there is still have some methods to reduce shedding:

  1. Choose double weft hair. The hair weft including single weft and double weft. Double weft hair means they are two tracks of hair sewn together. The process can make the hair thicker and sewn more securely. Double weft hair also makes the hair looks fuller than single weft.
  2. Using clarifying shampoo. After install the hair, you can use clarifying shampoo to wash the hair. Clarifying shampoos are stronger than regular shampoos and strip hair of oils, conditioner, bringing the extensions back to life. Clarifying shampoo can keeps the hair bundle from be dry, that makes the hair bundle reduce shedding.

3.Using good techniques. When you wear the hair bundle, please let your stylists do not cut weft, let them use the flip over method, this method can help you reduce shedding. If the Stylists cutting the wefts attribute to shedding, the clipping breaks the weft, strands fall out, and the hair will be more easy to shedding.

4.Keep the hair extensions tied up at night. Treat the hair extensions with care to minimize shedding. Just like you own hair, tied up your hair at night will reduce shedding, because pulling and rubbing will makes the hair easy to shedding.

5.Using suitable hair product on your hair. Using sulfate free conditioners and shampoos. Do not put extra sprays or oils on your extensions. This also can reduce hair shedding,

And remember, it is no hair will completely shed free, however with the steps taken above, one will be able to minimize extensions


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