5 ways to let your hair extensions shine again

5 ways to let your hair extensions shine again

5 ways to let your hair extensions shine again

Shiny hair is very gorgeous, everybody wants shiny hair. So this article will introduce some methods which can make your hair extensions shiny and extend the lifespan:

Before all of the steps, you need to make sure you bought high-quality virgin hair. If your hair extensions are poor quality or you bought synthetic hair, which will not lose a long time.

The first method is to trim your hair.

Like our own hair, hair extensions also need trimming frequently. This way can make sure your hair extensions healthy and last a long time. The ends of the hair are the oldest hair, which will become damaged hair. So you should trim them to make your hair looks shiny. You can trim about half an inch or one inch every time. Your hair will be shorter, but it also will be healthier.

The second method is a deep conditioner.

You can apply a deep conditioner to your hair extensions once a week. Which will make your hair restore the shine. It is the same with your own hair. Apply the deep conditioner on the middle to the ends, avoiding the roots of your hair extension.

The third method is to brush and detangle your hair.

You should brush your hair extension every day, just like your own hair. That will make your hair avoid tangle. You can also add some oil for your hair extensions, which will also avoid dryness and tangle.

The fourth thing is to try to shampoo less.

Some clients like to wash their hair every day. But in fact, this is incorrect. If you wash your hair too frequently, that will make your hair dry and brittle. We recommend you wash your hair extensions once a week.

The last method reduces heat tools.

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of your hair. Which will damage your hair and makes it dry and tangle. So try to use heat tools as less as possible, which will protect your hair and makes it shine.

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